January 18, 2020


Hi I’m Daniel Oke founder of danieloke.com, author of the book Ancient Principles for Success, and 5 Ancient Secrets to Becoming more Successful In Business Today. (Free Download) I have been a personal business coach, motivational speaker and keynote speaker for over ten years and in that time I have helped 10’s of thousands of people from various business backgrounds achieve their goals and success through my transformational coaching.

For example I have recently been working with Fitzgerald from Haringey who was working as a male nurse a job which he typically worked over 60 hours per week leaving him tired, overworked and kept him away from his family. As his business coach I introduced Fitz to my tried and tested success principles as outlined in my book. Fitz and his wife Mary were starting out their own business and had no prior business skills or experience. Through my coaching programme Fitz has now been able to give up his full time work allowing him to spend more time with his family.

Over the past three years I have run my own seminars in London and Glasgow, I’ve been invited to speak for major Network Marketing organisations as a keynote speaker, shared the stage with speakers such as Bernie DeSouza, and Derek Redmond, and along with my book Ancient Principles for Success I have reached and shared my proven success principles with 10’s of Thousands of people

If you know anyone who like Fitz would like to totally transform their life and spend their time doing the things that they want to do rather than the things that have to do please fill out the form on this page and ill send you a free copy of a chapter of my book.








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