January 18, 2020

Destiny, Fortune, or Fate Are Shaped By the Force of Will! ~Daniel Oke


Just how great is will power? Are we truly Capable of accomplishing amazing feats by simple dogged determination? Is it possible that refusing to quit or give up when the pressure in on can create amazing results in our lives and re-write our fortunes? Or is it all just absolute nonsensical philosophical mumbo jumbo. My take on this subject is why not? Why is it so odd or unbelievable to accept that we can actually will positive results into our lives?


Now don’t get me wrong, when I say “will positive results into our lives,”  I’m not talking about wishful thinking or daydreaming positive things into existence. I’m rather talking about the indomitable human spirit that ancient vestige of primeval do or die instinct that some refer to as True Grit. That animal instinct takes a bite and refuses to let go until all limiting obstacles are decimated. That’s what Will Power I’m talking about. So why is it that people dismiss the power so easily? Well, I think there are two reasons why this is so.

1) In the entire human population, there are only a few people that can constantly muster such force of will I’d say about 1% of the population. That is why that’s about the size of the planets entire super successful.

2) The second reason is; it is easier to fail than to succeed, now what do I mean by this? Well, it takes work to succeed, and resilience to make it. You have to be prepared to make some mistakes. Try countless times and fail, lose money, be laughed at, have your plans and vision rejected, lose your friends, your house, and maybe even your marriage.


So who in their right mind would want to subject themselves endlessly to so much emotional strain, and do so without a measurable possibility of gain in the short term? Who would endlessly face their worst nightmare of, ridicule, rejection, heartbreak, disappointment and keep coming back for more over and over again until they succeed? The reality is that’s what it takes to make it, unfortunately not everyone can hack it.


They say, “If it were that easy everyone will be doing it.” However, for those who dare to embark upon the adventure. For those seeking success, those who courageously step into the fray to face their fears, and constantly exert the force of their will success will be assured down the line.


One last thought, and my work here’s done. You know it’s hard enough to find an endless source of passion and energy to fuel a will that’s resistant to failure. But to also expect to contend with negative people and the draining effects their doom-gloomy scrutiny of everything you do. Imagine the damage this could have on your Progress. So let me leave you with these three suggestions.


  • Get a coach that can help you get much stronger than you think you are (You always possess a limited estimate of how far you can go till a good coach helps you go further)


  • Get rid of the circle of negative influences around you (Less Time you spend around them the better)


  • Connect with people that see things the way you do ( You might find that these sort of relationships revitalise rather than depress)




  1. Krissie Cotterell says:

    Very inspirational….very true….so important to gain knowledge on the information you have given Daniel Oke. Even more important to have a mentor/life coach.

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