January 18, 2020


Pushing the Boundaries of Success Through Transformational Coaching.

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel.
~ Proverbs 12:15

A wise man listens to counsel!.. It is no secret that people get things done mostly because (1) they have someone that they have to answer to, and (2) because they might suffer some dire consequences if they don’t complete the task they’ve been assigned. These conditions are typically found in the work place, and it so happens to be quite an effective means for getting results, even though sometimes these may be for extremely little personal rewards i.e.  pay cheque.  There are many reasons people don’t go into business for themselves, but I’d like to talk to you about two that I’ve found to be most important. Firstly there is the fear of failure, people fear they’d fail even before they get started because they judge themselves based on what they know, and they obviously conclude that they know nothing about business. Secondly is the Support Structure, most people feel being in business for themselves means being marooned in no man’s land alone, they think they won’t have that steady structure of constant support they would have had if they were working. These support systems would include managers, supervisors and sadly even the disciplinary process to ensure that work is done on time and productivity is guaranteed. People tend to put up with these things about the work place that they hate simply because they might lose their jobs if they go to work and slack off. This is why business coaching and mentoring exist, with coaching you are putting your trust in a person who will serve as your proxy boss and help you achieve success in something that gives you passion, your own design, one that was birthed in your own soul and as such deserves to be nurtured and cultivated to maturity and success.

Daniel is a respected authority as a coach, with over ten years experience within the small business environment. Daniel has successfully helped thousands of small business owners achieve their goals and success within their businesses and personal lives.  As the author of Ancient Principles for success, Daniel’s authority as a coach is now a global phenomenon, his unique insight on reading people and understanding specifically how to guide them towards success is a gift and is always spot on. This gift is now reaching many more people globally through his book; however, you can still book a one to one coaching session with Daniel by using the link to the contact form.

Daniel Oke Specialises in.

Executive, Entrepreneur Coaching & Mentoring. Speaker Training. Leadership Training.