January 18, 2020


M    I    L    E    S    T    O    N    E   So you suddenly realise soon as you slow yourself down enough to see everyone else in a blur rushing past you so fast they fail to notice the pieces if their broken dreams as they’re scattered to the … [Read more...]

Destiny, Fortune, or Fate Are Shaped By the Force of Will! ~Daniel Oke


  Just how great is will power? Are we truly Capable of accomplishing amazing feats by simple dogged determination? Is it possible that refusing to quit or give up when the pressure in on can create amazing results in our lives and re-write … [Read more...]

Welcome To My Blog

Hi my name is Daniel Oke, Thanks for checking out my site, if you want to know more about me then check out my "About Me" page. If you would like to get in touch then you can do so via this page: "Contact me" Best Regards, Daniel … [Read more...]