January 18, 2020

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Hi my name is Daniel Oke, and I’d like to welcome you to my about me page at danieloke.com You may have landed on my page because you’ve come across my information online, read my book Ancient Principles for Success or you were referred by a friend, so I’d like to say whatever the reasons were that brought you here I’m genuinely glad you’re visiting.

Well now that you’re here I want you to have a memorable browsing experience; therefore, I’d like to add value to your life by presenting you with a free download of my new report, 5 Ancient Secrets to Becoming More Successful In Business Today. However before I do so I would like to share a little bit of my story with you along with some of the failures and successes I have had along the way, and how I overcame them.

As you may have noticed I said failures and successes in the plural, this is because; in my path through life, I have learned that most people opt to tolerate the status quo of personal and financial hardship silently rather than venturing out to pioneer success in their own lives. This maybe because of their fear of failure, but even worse than that is the possibility of facing failure repeatedly, this can leave most people too petrified to taking any kind of affirmative action.

My Early Childhood

My DadI grew up in a large family of 18, and I know it’s tough to imagine what that could have been like unless you share a similar experience; however, I did have a happy childhood growing up. My father was in the RAF in WW2, so we were all raised with a tough regimental code, but I remember that some of the best fun I had growing up were the ones with my dad in it.

In 1975 when I was 10 years old my dad suddenly developed diabetic complications and had to be hospitalised, sadly that was the last I ever saw him alive as I was too young to be allowed into the room back then. As a result of his death my mum became a single parent and had to raise 5 kids that hadn’t left home on her nurses income which was a monumental struggle for her, my mum was quite resilient I guess, and you could say I have inherited this trait from her.

School for me was just something I was compelled to do under orders, I was constantly bored to death because the academic curriculum wasn’t designed to cater for creativity and talent, as a child growing up my father had taken the liberty of exposing us to reading and learning, he had an extensive library filled with Readers Digests, National Geographic manuals, nature volumes and encyclopaedias I felt like school was basically lagging.

Getting On My Feet

Speaking at the annual conference for a Network Marketing Company 2009I don’t have a university degree, and I honestly didn’t see the point of throwing away tens of thousands of pounds in students loans to spend a additional four years in school learning an academic discipline without any guarantee of employment or the possibility of a refund.

Although I was aware that success was measured in our society by the quality of one’s education, and a university education was seen as a mark of success, I was determined to make it on my own terms. It was as if I knew I was going to be successful, I just wasn’t sure doing what. My first job leaving school was as a graphic designer, I was 18 or 19 years old and I worked with the church designing Banners, bumper stickers, newspaper and magazine promo items etc.  I went from working with the church to work as a graphic designer at an advertising agency for about three years, earning close to 30k that was where I met and married my wife Terri.

My Trials and Triumphs

image (1)Now my real trials began after I got married (now that isn’t because I married a monster, Terri is a terrific wife and Mother) and moved to the UK we had a son in 1991 who was two months old and we lived in a bedsit, in Seven Sisters north London, after trying for several months to get a job as a graphic designer in advertising but got rejections at every turn the lack of money was taking its toll on our marriage and I remember being so broke that the only meat we could afford we’re pigs trotters, we used to have to take a train from seven sisters to Brixton and got the trotters from the butchers on electric avenue. Faced with the challenge of joblessness and being broke, living on income support I finally got a job delivering news papers in Acton, it was crazy as I had to travel from Tottenham to Acton for a job that only paid £70 per week.


During the periods from 1991 to 2000 I worked as a manual labourer at the docks in Silvertown London, McDonald’s crewman at High Street Kensington, freelance graphic designer, minicab driver in hackney, parking attendant with hackney council, a mental health Nurse, an analyst with Mercury 121 mobile phones, a complaints manager/project Manager with British Telecom.

My last job was working with the civil service Jobcentre plus, I started as an admin assistant in 2001, after redundancies at BT I had to take a pay cut of over £20000k for an AA role paying £11000. I was getting extremely desperate and even depressed as it seems one minute I was up, and the next I was back down again, however, two things kept me going and focussed on my hope of one day realising my vision of success, my mums resilience, and the quote “If you fall, try to land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.” With this as my mantra I resolutely kept my heart and mind opened to opportunities, and as they say, “success is when opportunity meets preparation”

danandjohnnyIn 2003 Terri and I were both invited to a home business presentation by her colleague from work and there I met Jaz 33 years old retired millionaire building a home based business, I immediately realised that he could change my life if I can just work with him and learn from him if he would be my mentor and teach me everything he knows. Jaz became my mentor and introduced me to personal development, thanks to Jaz and others such as Matt Morris, Johnny Wimbrey, and Bernie DeSouza to name a few I was able to retire from my job at the civil service and also become a successful Author.